All Your Sukkot Needs under One Roof

Many years ago, not many people were willing, or in fact able, to travel to the other side of the world and endure the strenuous trek in the Atlas Mountains and the scorching desert in order to bring home products needed for the Jewish holiday of sukkot. Appreciating how important the holiday of sukkot is to all faithful, we could not possibly turn a blind eye to this difficult reality. So, out of an urgent need, counsels from customers and a rising responsibility to the community emerged GAN-EDEN Gift Centre, a one-stop shop for all your sukkot needs.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Gan-Eden Gift Centre is a family-owned and run business which has happily served the community for more than 30 years – and is still serving. We are direct manufacturers and importers of arba minim, schach Gan-eden, bamboo schach, raffia bamboo schach, decorations and accessories for the holiday of sukkot, which occurs once every year and lasts eight days. After a high demand and numerous inquiries, we are proud to add sukkah to our line of products, made of high-quality fabric and high-grade materials. Thus was born GAN-EDEN SUKKAH.

For too long, countless people have approached us to voice their dissatisfaction about products that are available but simply not affordable or are of unbearably inferior quality. For long, many have waited for a much better alternative that puts an end to this dual problem. Well, the wait is over. GAN-EDEN SUKKAH brings a blend of experience, expertise, and empathy to our work, with the ultimate aim of satisfying your every need.

Indeed, the number of suppliers are growing by the year, but we stand out from the crowd. What distinguishes us are our attentiveness to the niceties of customer needs, unbeatable fabric and product quality, prices that are within everyone’s means and a capacity for nationwide delivery. Additonally, we offer both retail and wholesale options to our buyers, and have three locations to better serve the Jewish community. Make a pilgrimage from mediocriy to superior quality today. Reach out to us today and make your next sukkot experience superb.

Our mission: to give each and every customer a satisfying and memorable customer experience; to build sukkah related items from the finest materials and consistently deliver high-grade products to your fingertips without boring holes into your pockets, so everyone can afford to celebrate the holiday in style, peace and harmony.

Our vision: to be the leading force in supplying every household with our unique and high-quality products at affordable prices.



Celebrate your holiday in a structure that awakens the transiency of life. Are you searching for a great and stress-free way of observing the sukkot this year? Do you love top quality and would simply not settle for anything less? Then our broad range of first-rate sukkahs is just for you. They come in different sizes and are easy to assemble. More importantly, the fabric is produced using high quality 180g polyester material. In other words, they are affordable, light, quick to dry out and are more resistant to mildew and rip. If you desire superior quality, durability and booths that are easy to assemble with no hassle whatsoever, then look no further. From simple wooden beam structures to shelters that look more like modern art than anything else, our sukkahs run the gamut in appearance. Also, they are mould and waterproof, thus keeping you, your properties, family and friends safe in the event of an unforeseen downpour.

Available also are colourful items with which you can decorate the sukkah to make sure staying there during the season is fun for everyone. As we celebrate and learn from the holiday, it is important we do this in an environment that is friendly, lively and full of character. To ensure this, we have a huge, sukkot-themed assortment of decorative arts, exciting accessories, holders and much more. They are easy to hang on the walls or place where suitable, fun to see and play with, and add a feel of fun and relaxation to the cherished moments spent under the sukkah.

A try will not only captivate you, it will have you convinced.


At GAN-EDEN SUKKAH, we fully understand that a sukkah is only as good as the schach that graces its top. Because of this, our schachs are of the best quality available. They are entirely made of natural products, and contain bamboo tied with natural raffia and plant strings. We have great cedar branches and bamboo mats that can serve as covering wherever you need them. If you like some touch of divine and gorgeous green up there, as many people, then our schachs are the perfect solutions to evince a setting that is both aweing and inspiring.


No sukkot is truly complete without the waving of the four species (arba’a minim), and none will produce the perfect moed experience if these species are inferior. Grown in the high atlas mountains of Morocco and imported from faraway Italy and Israel, our species are of the finest quality available. We have complete sets of the four species: Lulav (palm leaves), Hadassim (myrtle plant), Aravot (willow plant), and Etrog (citrus medica).

Growing etrogs requires almost mathematical precision to be done right. Too much sun and the yellow skin of the citrus fruit will sear; too little sun and the flowers won’t blossom, among other concerns. But with over 30 years of experience, our etrogs are always without blemish. In ensuring excellence, we make sure to personally grow and export the items. Also, our lovely hadassim and aravot are vacuum-packed to save you time and money, while keeping them fresh and protected.