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No sukkot is truly complete without the waving of the four species (arba’a minim), and none will produce the perfect moed experience if these species are inferior. Grown in the high atlas mountains of Morocco and imported from faraway Italy and Israel, our species are of the finest quality available. We have complete sets of the four species: Lulav (palm leaves), Hadassim (myrtle plant), Aravot (willow plant), and Etrog (citrus medica).

Growing etrogs requires almost mathematical precision to be done right. Too much sun and the yellow skin of the citrus fruit will sear; too little sun and the flowers won’t blossom, among other concerns. But with over 30 years of experience, our etrogs are always without blemish. In ensuring excellence, we make sure to personally grow and export the items. Also, our lovely hadassim and aravot are vacuum-packed to save you time and money, while keeping them fresh and protected.