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The Gan-Eden Sukkah exclusively operates this website. In the entirety of the site, words such as “us, we and our” bears reference to Gan-Eden Sukkah only.  All products and services provided while using this website may occasionally be reviewed and updated. The privacy policy of this website, including the addition new laws and amending new laws, new and improved technology and/ or any changes made to improve our operations are carried out in accordance with the terms, conditions, and policy of this company. The most recent updated privacy policy will govern all personal information provided to us.

Gan-Eden Sukkah brings this website to all users, giving you the opportunity to have unlimited access to all information, tools, and services upon the acceptance of all terms, conditions, notices, and policies stated on the site.

Visiting our site with the intention of visiting or purchasing an item, you automatically accept our services and consent to be bound by the “Terms of service” with the inclusion of additional terms, conditions and policies included in the site and/or available by hyperlink. The terms and conditions have no limitation as it applies to all users of the website including buyers, vendors, customers, merchants and/or content contributors.

We urge you (website users) to carefully go through the terms of service before accessing and making purchases via the Gan-Eden Sukkah website. Accessing or using any part of the site bounds you to the terms of services of the site. After reviewing the terms and conditions of this site and you do not agree with them, you may refrain from accessing or using any services we offer. However, if the terms and conditions of this site are accepted, all offers provided and made accessible are confined within the terms of service of the site.

In the event of an addition or upgrade of features or tools on the site are made, the changes will also be subjected to the terms of service of the site. When you access the Gan-Eden Sukkah site, kindly review the current version of the terms and conditions. The right to revise, update or replace any part of the terms of service is reserved. The updated version will be posted, and the old version is deemed null and void. You are obligated as a regular user to check the terms of services periodically in light of any changes. Your continued access or use of the site after any change has been made establishes the acceptance of those changes.

WooCommerce hosts the Gan-Eden Sukkah store. They provide us with the platform that enables us to offer our products and services to you.


1.1.    We are glad to introduce you to our website www.ganedensukkah.com. This website provides a platform to give you the opportunity to visit and make informed purchases of numerous products that have been listed for sale on the website.

1.2.    Gan-Eden Sukkah manages the website, therefore, all maintenance and operations of the website regarding the access and use of the website or any associated products and services. We urge you to read the terms and conditions frequently. By using the website; as a visitor or user, it simply implies that you have read, understood and have accepted terms and conditions of this website. Once you have read the terms and conditions and find them unsatisfactory, you must terminate use of the website and halt any purchase of products immediately.

 1.3. Gan-Eden Sukkah reserves the rights to make any changes provided terms and conditions by updating the page at its sole discretion. When updates to the terms and conditions have been made, they use effective methods to ensure that you receive notifications concerning the updates. Changes to the terms and conditions take immediate effect from the date of publication.


When you continually visit our website and attempt to purchase our products, you have automatically accepted the terms and conditions of the website. You can also agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the “I agree” button provided in the user interface.


To gain access to purchase our products successfully, first of all, you need to be a registered user of the website. To register successfully, you must be willing to provide some personal information like your email address, phone number, mailing address and a password. Once all the required information are provided in the appropriate slots, an account will be created for you as a member of the website, and you will be given access to our purchase services with your consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of the website.

It is important that any and all information are given on the website in the process of registration are accurate and up-to-date.

You are required not to use the purchase service or accept the terms and conditions of our service if you are underage to form a binding contract or if you are restricted from the accessing and purchasing products by the law of the country of your residence.


As a member of the website, you are obliged to comply with specific regulations some of which include:

  • Using the purchase service only for the purpose permitted by the terms and conditions. Also, abide by the laws, regulations, generally accepted practices or guidelines that apply in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Protection of the confidentiality of your password and email address should be your sole responsibility. The use of your login details (username and password) by someone other than you will result in the cancellation of the purchase if found out. For repeated purchases, your account will be suspended indefinitely to protect the integrity of the Gan-Eden Sukkah website.
  • We are strictly against the use of the registration information by someone other than you. Notify the website of any security breach or unauthorized use of your email and password.
  • You are urged to acknowledge that any case of automated use of the website or its purchase services holds grave consequences.

Upon agreement to the terms and conditions of our services, you acknowledge you have reached the legal age provided by your province, state, and country of residence. Also, you give us the go-ahead to allow any and all minors dependent on you to use our website.

You are not permitted to use any of our products or services for illegal or unauthorized purposes that violate provided laws in your jurisdiction.

You must not transmit viruses of any kind or any code that will compromise the integrity of our website. Failure to adhere to all the terms and conditions provided by our website will result in the termination of your membership.


6.1. When purchasing on our website using the purchase service, you have to agree to the payment policy listed on the website at the point of purchase.

6.2. Prices will be displayed in Canadian dollars only. You can use a reputable converter to convert your currency to Canadian dollars to ascertain how much you will be spending in your local currency.

6.3. The payment for a purchase must be made using a third-party provider like PayPal, and other reputable Payment Gateway Providers. Before using either of these payment services, you are required to be conversant with their terms and conditions of use and agree to be bound by the provider’s privacy policy and legal documentation provided to you by PayPal and the other Payment Gateway Providers on our website.

6.4. Before we dispatch our products, a pre-paid payment must have been made and confirmed by us.

6.5. For customers concerned about their credit card details after payment have been made, be assured that we do not store any customer’s credit card information on our services. However, our Payment Gateway Provider might retain these details in required circumstances, only if you accept them doing so.

6.6. After the confirmation of the purchase, which can only be done after payment has been confirmed, a receipt will be issued to you as proof that the payment has been received and is being processed. Purchase details may be recorded for future use.

Third parties may apply at their discretion:

  • To cancel the purchase service before the dispatch of the products. In such cases, you will be offered a full refund on the purchased product.
  • Provide a refund on the item returned within seven days. This offer stands when the package is unopened and remains in the same sealed condition as at when dispatched. It is also compulsory that you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all shipping and posting fees related to a refund.

All third parties used to process payments will not be accountable for any damages incurred during the return shipping or for products missing during transit.


All rights are reserved by us to refuse to sell our products to anyone and at any time for reasons best known to us. All content excluding credit card information may be transferred without encrypting and may involve transmission over various networks. It may also go through changes to adapt to the technical requirement of connecting devices or network; however, all credit card information is always encrypted during such transfers.

The terms and conditions of this website bind you, and as such you must not engage in any form of duplicating, reproducing, selling or exploiting of any of our products our website without a written contract or permission by us.


We will not be held accountable if the details provided on our website is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated. The material provided on the front page of the website is general, and it should not be used as a reference for decision making without seeking a primary, more complete, more updated and more accurate form of information available in the product description area of the website. Any dependence on the information provided on this front page of the website is at your own risk.

Some material on this site may contain historical information, which implies that it may not be current and is only provided for reference purposes only. We have every right reserved to update this site at any given time, but we are not obligated to do so. By using the materials provided on our site, you agree that it is your responsibility to check for updates and changes on the site.


 The prices for our product are subjected to change, and we are not obligated to notify you of such changes. We also have all rights reserved to make changes or discontinue any of our products without prior notice at any time.

We shall not be held accountable for any changes and modifications; in the event of suspension or discontinuance of our product.


Some products may be available exclusively on our website. Such products may be produced in limited quantities, and the exchange or return policy of the product will be conditional following our return policy strictly.

Efforts have been made to ensure that all products on display on our website has its color displayed accurately. We cannot guarantee that the color of your computer monitor will display such colors accurately.

We have the right, but we are not obligated to limit or withhold the sales of our products to given locations, or a set of individuals; although it may be exercised when necessary. We have every right to control the number of products we offer. Description and prices of products can be changed at any time at our discretion and without public notice. We also have the right to discontinue any and all products at any time. Any offers made for products on this site will be considered void where prohibited.

We do not guarantee that the quality of the product or information or any material on this site will meet your expectation.


We have the right to ignore or refuse any order placed to us to purchase our products. We also have the right to limit or control the quantity per product purchased by an individual or household. Restrictions can be monitored through orders placed under the same credit card or the same billing or destination address or phone number that was provided at the time the orders were placed. We have every authority to deny the sales of our products for orders that appear to belong to resellers, distributors or dealers.

You are bound by the terms and condition to provide accurate, and an updated account. You are also obliged to provide correct purchase information for all orders or purchases made to our store. You are also bound to update all your information including credit card number, expiration date, and email address when necessary to ensure that we successfully contact you when needed and also to complete your transactions.


In rare cases, we may provide you with third-party tools. We do not monitor, input or have control over such third parties.

You will agree that we provide you with access to such tools as it is and as it is available without endorsements, warranties or conditions of any kind. We shall not be held responsible for whatever situation relating to your use of such third-party tools.

All transaction you carry out using the third party tool is at your own risk and discretion. Ensure that you familiarize yourself and agree with the terms and conditions upon which these tools are provided. 

In the future, we may offer new products and/or features through our website including new tools and resources. In such cases, all new product and/or feature will be subjected to these terms and conditions.


On our website, some materials, product, and services are made available through third party links. Such links can redirect you to another website that is not affiliated with our website. As such, we will not be held responsible for the correctness of the contents or accuracy of the materials in such situations. The accuracy of information, the content, and update of materials on third party site are not our responsibility, and we will not be held accountable for any unfortunate eventualities while using these third party links.

We are also not responsible for any damages relating to the purchase or use of our products, services, materials or any transaction carried out in connection with any third party website. Ensure that you understand and agree to any third party policies and practices before you carry out any transaction. Any complaints, suggestions, claims, and questions regarding any third party should be directed to the third party in question.


You acknowledge and agree that all requests, creative ideas, suggestions, plans, proposals, and other materials forwarded to us either online or via email or postal service at our request or otherwise may at any time and without restriction, be published, copied, translated, distributed, edited or used at any time and via any medium. We are not obligated under any circumstance to maintain the anonymity of any comment, compensate any individual for such materials or respond to any material sent or targeted at us.

You acknowledge and agree that any comment you make must not violate any rules and regulation on this website, with the inclusion of trademark, privacy, copyright or propriety right. You also acknowledge and agree that all comment when placing reviews or feedback must not be libelous, offensive, threatening or contain any malware or virus that could affect this website in any way.

You also agree that all information provided by you on our website including email, contact address must be accurate. Also, you may not pretend to be someone other than yourself in an attempt to mislead a third party or us, as to the origin of your review or feedback. We will not be held responsible or liable for all comments made by you or a third party.


Our privacy policy governs all personal information submitted by you on our website.

On occasion, there will be certain information on our website that may contain typographical errors, omissions or that may be inaccurate such as description and pricing of products, promotions, offers, shipping charges, availability and transit time. We reserve the right to make corrections to such errors, omissions, and inaccuracies and cancel orders, correct or update information if the information on our website is incorrect or inaccurate at any time without prior notice before or after the submission of an order.

We are not obligated to clarify, amend or update information on our website including pricing information except the law requires it. Specified update or refresh date on our website or any related service should not be considered as an indication that all information on the website or any related services has been changed or modified.


Asides other prohibitions established in the terms and conditions of service, you are also prohibited from using this website and its contents for the following:

Unlawful purpose or to ask others to engage or participate in any unlawful act, violation of federal, international, state or provincial laws or violate our intellectual property right or that of others, or to insult, harm intimidate or discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, origin or disability, submitting inaccurate and misleading information, uploading any virus or malware code that can affect the functionality of our website, tracking or jacking the personal information of others, to spam, for inappropriate purposes, interfering with the security of our website or any related websites or the internet. We have the authority to discontinue you from using our website and services or any related website.


There is no guarantee whatsoever that whole the process of using our website or purchasing our product will be uninterrupted, secure, timely and error-free. We do not guarantee that the materials gotten from our website will be accurate and up-to-date.

You acknowledge and agree that at any given time we may withdraw or remove our products for an unknown period without prior notice.

You acknowledge and agree that the use or inability to use our website is at your risk. The products sold to you on our website are provided as it is and as it is available for your convenience without the representation or conditions whatsoever either express or implied conditions of merchantability quality, fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.

In no circumstance will the directors, employees, agents, affiliates, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers or licensors of Gan-Eden Sukkah be held accountable for any injury, claim or loss either directly, indirectly, accidentally, distinctive or consequential damages of any sort with the inclusion of loss of revenue, profit, savings, data, costs replacement, or any other damages, either contract based or strict liability, resulting from your use of our products.


You acknowledge and agree to exempt Gan-Eden Sukkah and our patent if applicable; subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns and employees, from any claims or demands including judicious attorneys’ payment made by a third party of any sort arising from your in compliance of the terms and conditions of our website or associated documents or any breach of contract between yourself and any third party.


In a case where the terms and conditions provided is considered unlawful, empty or ineffectual, in such case, the terms and conditions provided shall be enforced in the best and fullest extent that the applicable law permits, and the part that cannot be enforced will be separated from the terms and conditions, the determination of that sort will not affect the potency and enforcement of the remaining provisions.


The terms and conditions on our website remain functional and fully effective unless terminated by you or us. You have the authority and right to terminate the terms and conditions simply by notifying us that you are no longer interested in using our website or at the point where you stop using our website.

We may also terminate this agreement without prior notice to you when we notice that you are in violation of the terms and conditions of our service.

Sudden termination from our website makes you solely liable for all costs incurred before and within termination date, and we may deny you future access to our website.


Your failure or inability to comply with any right or provision made in our terms and conditions of service will not constitute a waiver of said right or provision.

All the terms and conditions of our service,  policy or rules of operation made available to you by us on this website in respect to the product or/and services we offer, governs the whole acknowledgement and agreement between you and us and it constitutes your use of our services, replacing any prior or existing agreements, communications and proposals, be it written or oral, between you and us without excluding but not limited to any pre-existing versions of the terms and conditions of service.

Any ambiguous interpretation of these terms and conditions will not be consequential to the drafting party.


The terms and conditions of service and additional agreement upon, which our services are provided to you will be governed and construed in accordance with the law of the state of ————-.


You have the option of reviewing a copy of the current version of the terms and condition on this space.

We have all right reserved, at our discretion, to change, replace and update any aspect of these terms and conditions of our service by posting a notice or the updated copy to our website. You are solely responsible for periodically checking and going through the updated copy of these terms and conditions of our services. You acknowledge and agree to the updated version of the terms and conditions of service when you continue to use our services or/and website after the update has been made.


For any additional question about our product and/or services, visit us at www.ganedensukkah.com .