Due to the standard of our products, we hope every purchase is satisfactory. However, if you are not satisfied with our products, we promise to refund you as soon as possible.

Below is our return policy:

  • Our return policy has a validity period of seven (7) days. Ensure you to apply for a refund or exchange if need be within that period. After the Seven days period, we cannot offer you an exchange or refund for the purchased product.
  • To be eligible for the return policy, you must inform us about the refund using our contact detail to get a RAN (Return Authorization Number). A customer care representative will be here to assist you during the process.
  • You will receive an exchange of the product purchased. However, you will have to pay any additional fee for shipping. In the case of a refund, you will receive a refund payment for the product you purchased but not on the shipping fee.


One your complaint has been lodged, and you have received a RAN (Return Authorization Number) from a Gan-Eden Sukkah customer care representative, you may proceed to return the item to us for an exchange or refund.

  • We will send a confirmation and approval email to you with mailing details of the address you are to send the product to.
  • You will be required to pay in full for the shipping cost of returning the item to us.
  • Consider purchasing shipping insurance or using a service to ensure that you can track your items if you are using a shipping service that bills over $75.
  • We are not responsible for the delivery of a returned item as we cannot guarantee that we will receive it and in good condition.


The return procedure will begin the same day or the next day, assuming it is a working day, when we receive your returned goods at Gan-Eden Sukkah. Please note the package has to be in good condition else you will forgo the refund.

Refund policy:

  • We cannot issue a refund or exchange for a product that does not have a Return Authorization Number.
  • Refund or exchange procedures will be initiated promptly once we receive your returned item and send you a notification via email that we have received the item.
  • Refunds will be made in the form in which the original order was purchased either via PayPal or credit card.
  • If the refund is done via credit card, your financial institution might take an additional ten working days to process the payment.


Refunds may be received later than usual. This is due to circumstances that are beyond our control such as credit card or financial institution processing time.

If you haven’t received a refund on time:

  • Recheck your account balance.
  • Contact your credit card company; it might take a while before the refund is processed.
  • Contact your financial institution. It may also take a while before the refund is posted.
  • If you haven’t still received a refund after all these processes, contact us via, and we will assist you the best way we can.